Images from BYOB Boston - April 29th

The Boston event was part of a larger Cyberarts event and was open to the public. Kara Stokowski and Ian Deleon were the organizers of this event, we set up several projectors ourselves, to supplement the ones that people would bring to the space. We did no curating. We simply gave people the tools and the media to choose from and allowed the spontaneous audio/visual chaos to happen. Images were beamed in all directions, on top of each other, with effects, all at the same time. The event only last about an hour and a half, and happened in the context of a DJ/VJ performance by Kara and Ian (calling ourselves Voight-Kampff). Throughout the duration of the event, we were taking the live signal of the audience’s audio and visual contributions and feeding that into our own work, which then got back into the space as an amalgamation of all that was happening, plus dance beats. 

The work that night featured contributions from:

Scott Hadley, Ryan Greene, Micah Danemayer, Ben Aron, David Nifoussi, and many others.