Gif by Zahid Jiwa

Gif by Brynna Childs

Friday March 18, 2011, Drop Out Video Arts in association with W2 presents:
Vancouver Video Arts Expo: Drop In / Drop Out
151 W. Cordova Street, W2 Storyeum 5pm - 3am
Implemented by W2 and Drop Out Video Arts, a newly formed Chinatown non-profit concerned with promoting emergent video, the show is a collaboration between an array of individual Vancouver artists, community artspace collectives, and local musical talent.  BYOB Vancouver will take place at W2 Storyeum, one of the city’s largest venues which borders Vancouver East and West. With a strong focus on interactivity and community engagement, this event will share the possibilities of live video to all corners of the city and hopefully inspire many to explore their own potential as video artists.
Participating Artists:
Liz Van Allen Cairns & Jessica Parsons, Mairin Cooley, Brynna Childs, Jorden & David Doody, Athena Papadopoulos, David Mattatall & Zoo Zhop, Luciana D’Anunciação, Theodore Bernard, Tom Whalen, Shawna Mclellan & Sydney Koke & Trevor Rutley, Peter Hadfield, Simon Redcrop, Patrick Cruz, Sam Buss, Vincent Van Haaff, Stephen & David James, Phoebe Heintzman-Hope, Barry Doupe, Emilio Rojas, Daniel Rincon, Zahid Jiwa, Devin Mackenzie, Robert Fougere, Paul Paper & Jennilee Marigomen, Sammy Chien, Krista Lomax, Sebnem Ozpeta, Ian MacTilstra, Barry Doupé, Trifecta (Chase Porter, Sydney Gregoire, Parker McMullin with Michaela Mckay) Monica Rudd, Owen Ellis, Darren Gawle & Jen Smyth, Leslie Kennah, Melissa Paget, Chris Boni & Charlie Saterlie, Yi Xin Tong, Gillian Cole, Nathan Whitford, Marie Horstead, Sarah Jane Holtom, Erica Wilk, Flick Harrison, Dance Troupe Practice, Baboon Torture, Vancouver Design Nerds Society
Musical Accompaniment by:
Channels 3&4, Animal Bodies, Magneticring, Holzkoft and Crystal Dorval.  
Curated by Mairin Cooley, Brynna Childs & Zahid Jiwa
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