at el Parche, artist residency

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at El Parche, artist residency

2013 BYOB Seoul

2013.5.11 - 5.12


Curator :

Boram Lim, Juno Seo


Artists :

Bo Kim, Sungeun Kim+Seongeun Kim, Youngeun Kim, Hosung Kim, Moojin_bro, Yumi Park, Jinwoo Park, Hyejin Park, Sidodeul, Amy Hyejung Shin, Simmany, Aram Sim, Jongwon Oh, Keumhwa Woo, Mokyeon Yoo, Kahyun Yun, DYNE, Seungmin Lee, Minhee Jung, Jaeuk Jung, Hyeyun Jung, Project Community JJIJJIPPONG, Jeehoon Hong, Sein Hwang

BYOB at Wellington LUX Festival - 22nd June - 8pm - 11pm - 2013 - Secret Urban Location

Friday 26 April 2013, the Villa Bota Video Crew and qYat organised the first Bring Your Own Beamer in Bruges, Belgium. We had a wonderful location at Het Entrepot, a old customs depo at the harbour section of town.

Thanks to Nele Fack and the Villa Bota Video Crew for the video report. And our special guests Juan Duque, Protection Patrol Pinkerton, Little Trouble Kids en Low Vertical.

A one-night-exhibition hosted artists and their projectors.
Curated by Doron Golan and Adiya Porat-Kligler. The exhibition took place at Contemporary by Golconda
in Tel Aviv.


BYOB Wellington launched during the Fringe Festival 2013. With over 18 established and emerging projection, video, new media performance and installation artists from with and around the Wellington region this was surely one pot luck dinner that left both audiences and particapants feeling full and satisfied to the core.  

Audiences came and go as they pleased from the Circus Hub (11 Hutchison Road) between 8pm and 12am Saturday, 2nd March. It was a real treat :)

Artists with work in this BYOB included…

Rebecca Pilcher and her dancer Ken 
Julian Meadow - Mr J
Brett Ryan
Hamish Guthrey
Daniel Aston
Naomi Lamb  

The Wanderer
Stu Foster
Alan Proctor-Thomson (Burnt Pixel)
The Dub Module
William Franco (With Lime) with butoh dancer
Kenny Smith - boogerlab
Raylene Beals - rayzordoll
Safire Jones
Courtney Norman
Victoria Singh
Rachel Bolstadand and the Vandervecken Light Collective (VLC) 
Peter Stobbart - Slopper VJ
Nick Swinglehurst
Adam Simpson

Facilitated by The Wanderer Productions and Rayzordoll.
Supported by The New Zealand Fringe Festival, CNZ and The Circus Hub.

We have a great photo album on Facebook

And here is a review in the Capital Times

Next one… 22June to keep your eyes out!

Bring Your Own Beamer (BYOB) is an open source DIY curatorial format for one-night-exhibitions where artists collaborate on site to create a moving image collage. First initiated by Rafaël Rozendaal in 2010, BYOB is now an international movement.

BYOB Lima 2013 | Vol.01.

12 January 2013. 7pm. Sala Luis Miró Quesada Garland.

Ignacio Álvaro
Miguel Aguirre
Iosu Aramburú
Sebastián Cabrera
Katherinne Fiedler
Nicole Franchy
Diego Lama
Eliana Otta
Nancy La Rosa
Santiago Roose
Juan Salas
Janine Soenens
Juan Diego Tobalina
Diego Vizcarra
Maya Watanabe

Curated by: Juan Diego Tobalina  + David Flores - Hora

Original Idea by: Rafaël Rozeendal



Estelle Bourdet (, Pier Giorgio De Pinto (, Chloe Delarue (, Simon Deppierraz (, Jacques Duboux (, David Excoffier (, Julien Gremaud (, Emilie Guenat (e-formell.blogspot.ch, Thomas Koenig (, Maud Lemonnier (www.modelerunevie.tumblr.com, Celine Masson (, Piera Peca, Delphine Renault (, Lisa Roehrich (, Rebecca Salvadori (www.rebeccasalvadori.com, Camille Scherrer (

Bring Your Own Beamer Utrecht Flyer

BYOB Utrecht Gif

"Friday December 14th, SETUP, LIEFHEBBER DESIGN and FIBER will join forces to organise an extra large edition of ‘Bring Your Own Beamer’. Together they will push this one-night-exhibition into a visual extravaganza. This collaboration will take place in the old and beautiful industrial hangar ‘NUtrecht’, situated right next to trainstation Zuilen, making it easily accessible by public transportation.” 

Press release (more info)

Facebook event